This link goes directly to the official webstie of a board game named IQStixx. Check the rules of this board game. The official manual contains 120 levels, however, there are still more levels for you to explore.

After you buy the board game, you can customized your own level with the help of my website.

Once you place two or more sticks, you can test and see if there is a solution.

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Please note:

  1. While most cases can get the results within a few seconds, some rare cases may take up to 15 seconds to get the results.

  2. There could be multiple solutions, and this website demonstrates only one feasible solution.

  3. The purpose of creating this page is to assist users in placing the sticks back into the box. This can be done either by following a manual or with the aid of this website, particularly in cases where the manual is lost.